Saturday, December 8, 2012

XC in the Mag

In the 2012 November issue of the USHPA mag Hang Gliding and Paragliding Magazine, author Andy Pag put together Chris Galli, Bill Belcourt and me for a collaborative look at what's required for a pilot to fly a 100k XC.  It was nice to be included in the same sentence with guys of the caliber of Chris and Bill - they have each held state XC records of over 150 miles, while I'm just a regular joe on my "classic" EN-D with a 100-miler under my belt.

If anything, I hope that my contribution to the article shows that you don't need to be a sky-god to fly long XCs.  You just need to commit.  It's not easy to blow off the security of the local site, but that's what it takes to go far.  Something to think about while the off-season lets you dream -

Fly Safe -

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