Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More on the Avax XC2

I guess you can say I'm getting excited about my new Avax XC2 which is scheduled for delivery in February.

I found some info on it's handling and specs and thought I'd share a bit:

Go to for the complete write-up, photos & specs.

The long awaited performance glider AVAX XC 2 is here. AVAX XC 2 has been tested extensively over a long period of time and by a variety of pilots before being presented to the jury. All Sizes 2passed EN (European Norm) as C rated gliders what is rating roughly corresponding to DHV 2. Gradient, however, suggests this glider should be treated more like DHV 2-3. AVAX XC 2 is a typical representative of the latest performance gliders with parameters close to comp machines. It has a formidable aspect ratio 6.38 and a high number of cells (73) to assure a clean shape of the airfoil. Its weight has been kept very low: size 28 weights only 5.8 kg. As usual, Gradient is not trying to dazzle the market by amazing performance data, but anybody experienced with Gradient gliders knows what to expect. Just making sure there is no misunderstanding: The AVAX part of the name is no indication this glider is a down-tuned comp machine. AVAX XC 2 has been developed independently from the scratch as a performance glider and there are no compromises. This should be glider for demanding recreational XC pilots and aspiring comp enthusiasts.

I also came across a video of 4 Avax XC2s flying at a great Czech site. . .My wing is either going to be the Grey/Red combo or the "Sangria" combo Red with Black leading edge.

I promise this is the last bit of excited gushing I'll do until I fly it - unless I get more info . . .


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