Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The weather hasn't allowed for much flying for the last 2 weeks. My AVAX XC2 is patiently waiting in its bag for me to give it a chance to fly.

I've taken this opportunity to work on my 1987 Starcraft pop-up tent trailer. This new acquisition is a cheap, comfortable, fun, and convenient answer to the question, "Where are you going to stay during the competition?" The camper can be set-up in 15 minutes and sleeps 4 comfortably and 6 in a pinch. It has a sink, 2-burner propane stove, and a self contained 12v. electrical system. I've spruced up the bunk mattresses so they are as comfortable as any motel. All it needs now is a 12v. blender to make margaritas . . . I plan to spend as many as 24 nights in this rig over the summer.

I've also posted a list (on the right side of the blog) of 'articles' I've written this year.

The first is just a compilation of responses to a thread I started on the PG Forum from competition paraglider pilots who were willing to provide some tips.

The next is an article I wrote for the USHPA magazine, HANG GLIDING AND PARAGLIDING.
It was published a few months ago. It offers some recommendations for survival kits to be carried on XC flights. Yes, I do actually carry what I talk about in the article.

Finally there is a link to a Competino / 5020 Cheat Sheet that I wrote over a year ago. A large number of these integrated GPS/Vario units are on the used market now & maybe, this document will help some of the new users. It was written for the older firmware, but most of the procedural info is still valid.



Anonymous said...

Link to the XC Tips doesn't work... =]

Tim said...

Sorry Loren -

It's fixed now.


Unknown said...

Timo, can you please publish some pics of Blue-Gray Avax XC2.
I've just ordered one of the same color, but actually I had never seen real pics of it.

Thanks in advance!

Tim said...

Hi Andrej -
The photo below shows the lower surface. The upper has a BLUE leading edge & a light grey upper surface with a thin white stripe etween the blue & grey. I get some photos up soon. I'll be flying a comp this weekend & hope to get some pics.