Saturday, June 14, 2008

WCPC Day 6 - Task #5

Today's conditions were much like yesterday's. A blue day with low tops and an inversion around 5K and light N-NW winds that would freshen in the afternoon.

A 68K task was called to Grants Peak - Applegate - Donato (near Talent). It took a while to get cooking but the thermals were much less turbulent than yesterday. The start was a bit lazy since many were still trying to get max altitude before the crossing to Rabies. The first two gaggles set up well & we were off. The leader gaggle found a sweet thermal over the last ridge before the turnpoint & got high while the second gaggle broke up looking for similar lift. It took a bit of patience and tenacity to hit the first turnpoint, but once it was tagged - it was all downwind to the goal.

Dean Stratton placed first with Bill Hughes, Nick Greece & Josh Cohn close behind.
Marty Devietti and Greg Babush are 21 points appart so today should be exciting.

I had the kind of day that I would be happy to throw away - All week the name of the game was lee-side thermals. Today I got into a strong sinker in the lee & had to dive downwind to provide ground clearance. This was the end for me and my priority became a safe landing. I only got credit for 14km and placed 38th for the day.

A good buddy had a landing incident not far from my landing & broke his pelvis. He's doing well & I'm glad he'll heal soon.

Results are HERE

Today is the last day & I hope to fly better today.


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