Friday, November 28, 2008

2009 U.S. Paragliding Competition Schedule

From the USHGA website, I have gleaned the following Competition Schedule for the 2009 season:
The website addresses are correct - They may not be up yet, however.

Sierra National Challenge-US PG Nationals (Dunlap, CA)

4/26/2009 through 5/3/2009

West Coast Paragliding Championships (Woodrat, OR)

5/31/2009 through 6/6/2009

Rat Race Paragliding Competition (Woodrat, OR)

6/28/2009 through 7/4/2009

US Paragliding Nationals (Squaw Peak, UT)

8/16/2009 through 8/22/2009

The first and last meets of the year, (Dunlap, CA and Squaw Pk., UT) will comprise the "US Nationals." Their scores will be combined (with a throw-away option) to determine the US Champion.

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