Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Doing us Proud

I don't usually get very excited about sporting events - especially when it comes to yelling "USA" at an international spectacle. The US Paragliding Team is making me sit up on the edge of my seat as they hold there own amongst the best pilots in the world.

The World Championships are being held in Valle de Bravo, Mexico this week and next. With 3 tasks complete. California pilot (and fellow BAPA League pilot) Eric Reed has flown consistently well and sits in FIRST Place! Brad Gunnuscio and Farmer and Kari are also flying well.

This competition seems to be attracting a lot of world attention and the best coverage can be found at the EAGLE PARAGLIDING BLOG.

My favorite individual pilot blogs are those of Mads Syndergaard(DNK) and Mark Hayman(GBR) and Nicole Mclearn(CAN).



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