Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PWC Superfinal in Poggio Bustone

Those of us relegated to spectator status have something to watch this week. The PWC (Paragliding World Cup) Superfinal is on in Poggio Bustone, Italy - At least that is where they have tried to run the comp - It appears that the weather has been less than cooperative and the participants have been moved to a site near Norma.

So far, three tasks have been flown and scored. The second task was scored after being stopped, and the scoring of this task has created a bit of an anomaly in the overall scores. To read about the comp see the PG Forum topic.

We have pilots from the US participating in the Superfinal. 2009 US Champ, Brad Gunnuscio, as well as Jack Brown, Pete Schaefer, Jeff Wishney, and Bill Hughes all qualified for this elite event. Jack is blogging, when internet connection is available, HERE. Jack is one of the top-ranked US pilots and a fellow airline pilot & Masters class racer - He's giving me hope that an 'old-guy' can compete in this sport. Luca Donini, an 'over 50' Italian, is leading the Superfinal, so that too is encouraging.

There are some great videos of the tasks, from the cockpit of Philippe Broers (a non-competitor) HERE. You can start with THIS video of task one.

Results are HERE.

Good luck guys - Fly safe -


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