Monday, November 29, 2010

Magic Soap

I'm no good at remembering jokes.  I enjoy hearing them - and have an appreciation for humor; I just don't retain the elements of the story in my brain. . . With one notable exception.

Many years ago I was at a small comedy club and an unknown comic took the mike.  He told this joke -
"I was talking to my roommate the other day, about soap.  I told him that soap must be magical.  He said 'Soap isn't magic!  It's just soap!'
I said, Oh yeah? Well think about the soap in the shower. And think about the last thing I wash. . . and the first thing YOU wash. . . It must be magic!"
I've never forgotten that joke.  I think about it, with a chuckle, at least 30% of the times I reach for the soap in my shower.  I don't know why this has 'stuck' for so long, just that it has.  If only all the important lessons in life stuck with the vividness and the humor of that one. . .

Which is why I relate this story.  What I write, on this silly blog, is written with the hope that some of it will resonate and 'stick' with you.  It's my hope that the wheat will show through the chaff and, when you find yourself in need of a good idea in a bad situation, something you've read here will help.

In the meanwhile, Fly Safe -


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