Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cayucos 3/5/11

Fun Day at Cayucos - We had a fairly strong East until 1PM then it came in from the ocean with some convergence.  I launched early and paid for it with a short extended sled-ride.  Jack launched a bit later and got teased with some lift along the highway.  I drove Jack up to his car and decided to fly again.  The winds were much brisker and Northy.   I launched and got hammered until contacting some good convergence over highway 1.
Coming if for landing.
Photo by Buzz Morasca
Coming if for landing.
Photo by Buzz Morasca
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After 40 minutes or so of flying along the shear zone, I landed on the beach.  As I came in for landing, Buzz caught me with his camera.  Thanks for the cool shots Buzz!



Buzz said...

That was a beautiful landing in tricky conditions.....but what a beautiful day huh?


Great to meet you.
Keep on man!


Joshua Gwiazda said...


It is always a pleasure to see you fly. I learn something new each time.
This archive you've created here is awesome. I will take some time to explore it.


Tim said...

Thanks Josh - Seeya on the hill.

Joshua said...

Look forward to seeing you fly again.

Thanks for the helmet :-)