Friday, April 15, 2011

Himalayan Odyssey - Update

A recent dispatch from Antoine Laurens indicates things are going well for the guys.  He writes:
The other day , i had a call with Brad….
First of all, they are fine, and they are expecting out of Sikkim very soon…Maybe , he will be able to make it at the Ghana Festival.
Brad and Eric were participating at a flying festival, organised by local Sikkim pilots, and I supposed, they were a bit the “stars”. They really enjoyed, as many pilots came, especially from Nepal for the venue.
So, everything is going well, and it s again only a timing question…
their case are in the hands of Politics…Mainly, their  relation with Sikkim police is very good and they are treated like special guests.
wish you good luck guys and hopefully, you ll make it out soon.
 Good Luck Brad and Eric!

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