Thursday, May 26, 2011

PWC Korea

Big Congratulations go out to Jack Brown, who won the PWC last week in Korea. His consistency allowed him to top the results in the two-task event.

Jack has really put a lot of effort and time into his flying in the last two years and the results speak for themselves. Jack(USA #3) joins USA #1 Brad Gunnuscio, #2 Josh Cohn, and U.S. Female pilot Melanie Pfister to make up the US World Team. Unfortunately #4 Nick Greece, won't make it since only 3 + 1 spots were available this year.
The above was edited after the straight scoop was provided by Nick Greece

Here's a great video about the Korean PWC event -

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Here's another great video showing the views and experience of high-performance paragliding -

Vol test Cam Annecy avril from Jean-Mi ARA on Vimeo.

Fly Safe -

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