Monday, August 6, 2007

Cayucos today

I've flown two 6-day trips to Frankfurt in the last 15 days (at my job in the 747) but have only flown one, short sledder since returning from Lakeview. I was ready to fly.

Patrick called me at 11:30 and said Cayucos was ON. I was doing Coffee House business, so I told him I'd be there soon. I got to the bottom of the hill just before 1pm. By the time I'd hauled my butt to the top of the hill, it was almost 1:30pm but conditions were perfect. Jessie & Eric were at the top with Patrick & were taking a break. I set up &launched into nice smooth lift that took me 250' over launch.

Today wasn't the kind of day to get adventurous or go big - which suited me fine - I wasn't in the mood either. I was ready to boat around, looking at the glory of the coast. I saw the Rock with a different eye - I saw the beach & surf and marveled at its beauty. It was the kind of day I just hovered in 0 sink, parked deep in the brakes, enjoying the view & feeling like a hovering kildeer. I flew for 80 minutes until I got cold & made a nice landing on the beach.

I'm waiting for my new harness to arrive - I made the plunge & ordered an Airwave Ram Race harness. It should be here any day.

Fly safe,

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