Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cuesta with Dave, Patrick, and Mike

Today was a great day at Cuesta. I rode up with Mike & Dave. Patrick was already in the air when we got there. Mike went first & had a nice 30 min. flight to the LZ. Dave launched next & soon joined Patrick. I wasn't far behind & soon we were bouncing around at 1000' over launch. Lift was abundant but very rough on the edges.

We were able to move around today to areas that have been untraveled by me before. I found myself directly over the TV towers at 3300' (1200' over launch). An area of convergence lay right along the Cuesta Ridge & some of the thermals bumping through this area were very strong & sharp edged. The winds above 3000' were from the North and the winds below were from the SW. Patrick headed North but found this headwind to be a problem & landed at Cal Poly. He gets the prize for most adventurous for the day. Dave, on the other hand, gets a prize for most optimistic. Ask him ;-)

I flew for about 2 hours & finally landed due to bladder issues - I'm sure that it was working until after 5pm today.

My gear worked well, I had many chances to practice with my new speed-bar & my blue-tooth phone dongle worked while I was flying. Next weekend we are headed for the Owens Valley so I want everything in order. Last year I flew 115 miles in two flights - I can only hope for conditions like that this year.

A good day -


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