Wednesday, April 29, 2009

U.S. Nationals - Dunlap, CA - Day Two - Task Two

We woke to stratus obscuring the launch and very heavy dew at the HQ. We headed to launch around 10:30 and waited for the stuff to break. A 50 Km task was called - Start at Hill 49917 then out to Squaw Valley, then down the range to Antelope Valley (near Woodlake).

My start was perfect and we made it to Bald & climbed to 6000' cloudbase. The lift looked dependable so things were happening fast & the gaggles pushed out on course at a good pace. I had a good run and finished in just less than 1:57 while Brad G. and Keith Mac placed 1/2 in around 1:42.

I placed 14th for the day and am now in 20th overall.

Cumulative ranking (if memory serves)

1. Brad Gunniccio
2. Jack Brown
3. Keith McCullough
4. Josh Cohn
5. Hayden Glatte

There is almost NO internet access at the ranch so I'm sitting in front of a gas station to update -

It looks like today (Wednesday) is going to be good flying, more to come -


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SusanK said...

Hey Timo! Glad you are doing this and you are flying well! Keep up the great work! How about a little on how Meredyth did each day?