Friday, April 3, 2009

Competitions This Season

Well the season schedule is beginning to solidify for the coming year. I'll be flying in the first round of the U.S. Nationals in Dunlap, CA (April 27th-May 2nd) and then heading North to the West Coast Championships at Woodrat Mtn. (May 31 - June 6th). Finally, I'll be flying the second round of the U.S. Nationals in Utah (Aug.16th - Aug. 22nd).

In between these competitions I'll be flying as many BAPA XC league and SoCal XC league events as I can.

I've been a bit frustrated for the last month because the weather and my UAL schedule have conspired to make it impossible to attend any of the league events, so far. I've been doing some virtual flying (reviewing my past flights at Woodrat and Dunlap) and reviewing my XC Competition Tips from compiled and Lessons Learned from my first few Comps.

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody at the hill. It's always good flying, a good group & good times.


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