Friday, October 9, 2009

Flying Pirates

I got to fly a new site today. I've heard about some of the flights at Pirates Cove, so today when Patrick called me, I gladly hiked up to launch. The view was striking and the weather very nice. We flew for an hour or so.

Here's a short video of the fun.

Flying Pirates from Tim O'Neill on Vimeo.

A fun day with Patrick flying Pirates Cove.

Have fun & fly safe -


J.smith said...

This is quite a good video and i liked the location as well. I am a big paragliding lover and love to do it.

Tim said...

Thanks for your comments.

Steve Thibault said...

Hi Tim,
I noticed that early in your flight you grabbed all your right risers and gave them a solid jerk! Curious about what that was all about?

Tim said...

Hi Steve -
Yeah, two things going on there. I was unwinding the brake lines a bit & that's why I was 'twirling the right brake hand a bit. I also had made a couple adjustments to my harness and needed to scoot back just a bit more in my seat. I actually grabbed both risers (can't see the left in frame) for a moment, to push back . . .not a recommended technique, but it works.