Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cayucos today

Jack called me early and it was a beautiful day.  Maybe the nicest day for awhile since some weather is headed this way on Friday/Saturday.  I was up for a hike-n-huck later in the day -

I spent 30 minutes in the driveway with the Avax XC2 rearranging my lines.  My friend Jug helped me replace all my lines last week and all was well, except that some of the lines terminated at the mallions in a way that twisted the individual risers.  It was easy to fix and I was ready to fly with my new harness & a newly-lined-retrimmed wing.

The new harness is a Woody Valley X-Rated 5, and I'm loving it.  The fit & finish of the harness and pod is good and I find it very comfortable.

After hiking to the top, and waiting for the ocean breeze to blow through,  a friend and fellow UAL pilot stopped by and, later, took the video below.  Scotty is a kick-ass kite boarder and I hope to see him under a paraglider soon.   The harness looks good and the Avax feels like a new wing again . . . I REALLY like this wing.


Flyby at Cayucos from Tim O'Neill on Vimeo.

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