Thursday, February 2, 2012

PWC Superfinal Task 7 (B)

Today's weather was an improvement over the last two - sunshine and some good conditions.   A 95 Km. task was called and many had fast runs at more that 33K/hr. average speeds.  There were holes though.   Some casualties were forced to land when they found unavoidable areas of shadow.  There were also a couple of reserve rides and one low stall-it-a-couple-times to clear a cravatte that easily could have been an additional ride under canopy.

Click for larger photo
The U.S team wasn't in the top-10 today, but Nick Greece placed 21st with 920 points, and Josh Cohn was 23rd with 917.  Eric Reed was 32nd with 904.  Jack had a tough day, landing with 45k covered. . . This is uncharacteristic for Jack.  I suspect that he might have been the reserve at Crazy.
I hope all who came down under reserve are good and able to fly tomorrow.

Overall, Josh is still in 5th place, less than 100 points out of 1st.  Eric is 18th and Nick is 24th.  Jack fell to 41st today.

Two more days of flying are available.  Let's hope they are booming and safe!


Landing at the lake - Photo by Josh Cohn

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Unknown said...

wow fantastic blog....
take off in the mountain or plain..
or landing point ...lake or ground please tell me about your take off or landing ..........

Unknown said...

Brilliant blog.I really amazed watching photo's here.It's a good way to sight beautiful city while doing paragliding.Thanks a lot.!