Saturday, July 18, 2009

Red Bull X-Alps 2009 Starts tomorrow

The 2009 Red Bull X-Alps begins on July 19th and 30 pilot/athletes from 23 countries, will travel 818 Km.(508 miles) from Salzburg, Austria to Monaco. The route takes competitors through the Alps on an amazing journey. Competitors will travel by foot or paraglider depending on their skills and the weather. Alex Hofer is the favorite with 2 X-Alps wins to his credit.

The live-tracking available on the X-Alps website and personal blogs of the competitors (see below) will allow a view into the epic adventures.

I am truly envious of these individuals who have interrupted their lives to embark on this test of their skills, physical strengths, and mental toughness. When I think about the explorers of old, Lewis & Clark, Stanley and Livingston, I am amazed at the personal suffering and commitment these men endured. The closest a 21st century man can come to this kind of adventure is a X-Alps type of journey.

Honza Rejmanek is a California pilot participating in his second X-Alps. In 2007 he placed in the top 10 even though he started the race with a terrible stomach problem that basically put him days behind from the beginning. Fly safe and have fun Honza!

To follow the action you have many options:

X-Alps 2009 official website
X-Alps mobile live (for mobile communication, without flash)
X-Alps RSS Feed
X-Alps Facebook
X-Alps twitter
I can't figure out why the gap below. . . scroll for individual blog links. Thanks to Otto Schulz for putting this info together.

Country Flag Athlete Age Supporter Glider Personal blog / website prev. participation
AUS Lloyd Pennicuik 43 Lewis Nott Axis link 2007 (17.)
AUT1 Helmut Eichholzer 32 Andreas Neubacher Advance link 2005 (4.)
AUT2 Christian Amon 38 Manuel Goller Swing Stratus Proto 2005
BEL Thomas de Dorlodot 23 Maxime van Dyck Gradient Avax XC2 link 2007
CAN Max Fanderl 43 Penny Powers Nova Factor link 2007
CZE Jan Skrabálek 38 David Bzirsky Gradient link 2007 (11.)
ESP Ramón Morillas 41 Juan Morillas Advance link 2007 (7.)
FIN Jouni Makkonen 37 Toni Leskelä Gradient Avax SR7
FRA1 Vincent Sprüngli 43 David Bibier Cocatrix Gin Boomerang 2007
FRA2 Julien Wirtz 32 Adrien Vicier Ozone link 2007 (12.)
GBR1 Aidan Toase 35 Charlie Merrett Ozone link 2005 • 2007 (6.)
GBR2 Tom Payne 33 Aley Raymont Axis Venus II light link
GER Michael Gebert 28 Florian Schellheimer Gradient Avax XC2 link 2005 (5.) • 2007
HUN Pál Takáts 23 Mauritz Volkmer U-Turn link
ITA1 Leone Antonio Pascale 41 Maurizio Dalla Valle Gradient Avax link 2007 (10.)
ITA2 Andy Frötscher 40 Raphael Graetz Murphy Skywalk link 2003 • 2005 • 2007 (14.)
JPN1 Kaoru Ogisawa 49 Masaru Saso Gin Boomerang X6 2007 (5.)
JPN2 Masayuki Matsubara 37 Tetsuo Kogai Nova Triton
NED Ronny Geijsen 30 Hugo Robben Gin Boomerang
POL Filip Jagla 31 Piotr Goc Gin Boomerang X6
ROM Toma Coconea 33 Vasile "Gigi" Trifan UP X-Alps Proto link 2003 • 2005 • 2007 (2.)
RSA Pierre Carter 43 James Braid Gradient XC
RUS Evgeny Gryaznov 36 Dmitry Gusev SOL Torck
SLO Primoz Suša 31 Igor Erzen MacPara Magus 6 link
SUI1 Alex Hofer 32 Nicole Schlotterer UP Trango Xlight link 2005 (1.) • 2007 (1.)
SUI2 Martin Müller 42 Fabien Zuberer Gin Boomerang 5 light link 2007 (3.)
SUI3 Christian Maurer 26 Thomas Theurillat Advance Omega link
SVK Peter Vrabec 36 Tomas Bernat Axis Mercury 2008 link 2007
USA Honza Rejmanek 33 Dave Hanning Axis Mercury link 2007 (9.)
VEN Raul Penso 35 Ismael Penso Niviuk 2007

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