Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Rat Race - Day 3 - Task 3

Today's task was a great use of the day - Conditions improved as we headed North to Grants Peak allowing climbs to 6500-7000'.  The lead gaggle was playing it cagey - conservatively working towards Grants Pk. at a pace that allowed me to make up for my 8 minute late start.  I joined a couple perfect thermals that put me into Grants in touch with the lead gaggle.

After Grants Pk the leg to  Wellington Overlook was the crux for most of us.  The lead gaggle headed across to Prospect Peak with dismal results.  They were just far enough ahead that I and a few friends bent South and slid into the Williams valley with few options.  We all eventually landed in the valley, at 30-35 Km.  Those who stuck to the high ground on the East side of the valley, or even headed directly to the Wel-ol turnpoint had better success.

The top 10 included at least 6 Serial class wings because the line the lead gaggle took was much slower.  Congrats to Peter Warren for winning the task on his Ozone Mantra M4!

The China Gulch field that I landed in yesterday had three wings in it today. It was confirmed to be a tight fit, but all pulled it off. We had one injury that involved a tree landing somewhere on the Rabies Ridge.

Running short on time this morning so that's it for now. It looks like a nice day again so we are heading up the hill.

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