Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PWC Superfinal Task ONE

The first task of the 2012 PWC Superfinal was flown today in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.  The task was a 4 leg task of 62 Km.  with goal at the lake.  I, like many pilots, hoped the Live Tracking would provide a clear picture of the race in real-time.  Unfortunately this was not to be.  Many of the favorites (and eventual top 20 finishers) had no tracks plotted after the first 10 minutes in the air.
Task one

The results are visible HERE and the scattering of EnZos, Boom Xs, and IP6s among the top ten seems to be fairly even so far.

Congrats to Jack Brown who scored 6th today.

Here are some more links for the future reference during this comp -
Official PWC site
Organiser's website
Paragliding World Cup TV
Pilot list
Live tracking
Taskboard and Live Leaderboard
Retrieve map


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