Saturday, January 28, 2012

PWC Superfinal - Task 4

Approach the Lake LZ in Valle de Bravo     Photo by Josh Cohn

Today a 7-leg 120 Km. task was flown in strong, rough conditions.  The pilots in the lead gaggle report that they were on full bar all day.  The predictable did occur - there were many fully accelerated blow-ups but only 1 reserve toss.  The lead gaggle, of over twenty gliders, crossed the ESS in 3:35-3:36 - averaging almost 30k/hr.

Task 4 - Click for larger photo

Josh Cohn placed 4th for the day, with Jack Brown and Nick Greece in a tie for 8th place.  Eric Reed placed 18th primarily due to lesser leading points.  Brett Z. landed 7 Km. short of goal, placing 67th for the day.


Overall rankings after 4 tasks (with one discard) has Jack Brown in 7th with Josh 1 point behind, in 8th.  Eric is 15th and Nick is in 26th.  The U.S. guys are making a great showing and there is still a lot of racing to come.

Overall Ranking after 4 tasks with 1 discard.  Click for larger view.
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