Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PWC Superfinal Task 6

Today's task was a 93 Km. task that produced some good racing with climbs to 9000'.  Josh was leading the pack much of the day.  It all went wrong, for the lead gaggles, behind the mesa on the North side of launch.  The leg between the 6th turnpoint and goal at the lake, just wasn't producing lift and the crowd dirted fairly quickly.

I was able to watch much of this task using Livetrack 24 and it was an exciting event.  The application/server situation isn't perfect yet, but we're making progress.

Task 6 - Click for larger photo
This task used an ingenious task method, in that turnpoints 3, 4, and 5 used the same fix.  The pilots had to decide which direction to exit the 11k cylinder - then return to take the 400m cylinder before proceeding to the next turnpoint to the SE.  The lead gaggles stayed together, but some tried to make up time by picking other vectors.

Here's a video showing the desperation caused by the high overcast moving in
valle task 6 the flight from broers philippe on Vimeo.

Today's results are HERE.  The task was a 916 point task with top-10 between 79Km and 76Km.
Overall scores are below.  Congrats to Josh Cohn and Jack Brown, who were in the hunt until it all went wrong for the gaggle.  Nick Greece and Eric Reed also were flying well, placing 33 & 34th with 73Km.

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