Friday, September 19, 2008

US Nat'ls - Bishop - Day 6 - Task - Canceled

Today looked so bad, due to forecast high winds in all the models, that the day was canceled at the pilot meeting before going to launch. A few of us decided to go up to Baker Lake for some hiking. We drove to 10,500' (a three hour teeth-jarring ride in Roger's unstoppable Chevy) to Baker Meadow. Then we hiked into Baker Lake & did a bit more hiking around the lake before returning to the truck for the long ride back to civilization. It was a beautiful day and amazing scenery.

Tomorrow is the last day of the comp & we are desperate for another task to make this a 'valid' competition (one that provides points for the top pilots for their ranking towards the US World Team selection) Tomorrow is forecast to have lighter winds.

Here is a video of the Gunter launch shortly befor the first pilots were in the air & prior to canceling day 5.

As of today, I'm 21st overall & 6th in the Serial Class. The quality of this group is very high & deep, so I am very happy with this result, so far.

Hopefully more tomorrow -


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