Sunday, September 21, 2008

US Nat'ls - Bishop - Day 7 - Task - Canceled

Well, it's over. We had two great tasks and the Owens provided the beautiful scenery & excellent flying that it is renowned for. Unfortunately the winds were excessive at launch a few days and the winds aloft kept us on the ground on otherwise flyable days. The decisions to cancel that 5 days were well thought out and in the interest of safety. As Kevin Biernaki said, more than once, "we need to remember that this is only paragliding." I agree that we can't task 80 pilots to fly in obviously marginal conditions in the Owens.

The conditions, when favorable, were awesome this week. We flew 2 tasks, each over 100K, that were exciting and fun. The air was active but not scary and lift was often to a cloudbase over 17,000'. Congratulations to Dean Stratton who repeated his win of the US Nats.

1 Dean Stratton USA UP Edge XXL
2 Josh Cohn M USA UP Edge
3 Peter Schaefer USA Niviuk Peak 27
4 Eric Reed M USA Niviuk Icepeak XP
5 Jack Brown USA Gin Boomerang 5
6 Nate Scales USA Advance O7
7 Nicholas Greece USA Niviuk Icepeak XP
8 Alberto Brun MEX Niviuk Icepeak XP
9 Hayden Glatte USA Gin Boomerang 5
10 Honza RejmanekUSA Axis Mercury

I placed 22nd overall & 7th in the Serial class. I'm very happy with how this comp turned out.


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