Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Xavier Murillo still missing in the Andes

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For those who know Xavier, there is no hesitation to get involved in his SAR effort. His personality and character have an infectious knack of making PWC events more fun than they would otherwise be. His antics at pilot meetings, punctuated with bawdy T-shirts, attract the attention of distracted pilots and there is no doubt who is running the show. A PWC event just isn't the same if Xavier isn't there.

On July 1st he flew at Caraz in Peru and was last seen near cloudbase. No one has heard from him since and aerial searches are ongoing. Cash rules in South America and the French embassy has been forthcoming in the initial efforts, but a fund is now being used to collect monies to apply to Xavier's Search and Rescue costs.

Please consider that it's been 5 days now, with no sign. We need to find Xavier soon. You can contribute on this page: http://www.paraglidingworldcup.org/node/1974

Best of luck to him.


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