Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 Paragliding World Cup Super Final

The PWC Superfinal begins this week.  For those of us, in the US, this year has been a very progressive and successful year for the top pilots.  Much of their success is because of their commitment to fly in PWC events around the world.  2010 was also the first year of the altered PWC format, allowing pilots from the non-alpine nations to compete in more regionally located events.  We also had our first PWC event, held in the U.S. this decade - U.S. PWC event in Chelan, WA in 2010.

The bottom line is that we have 7 pilots in the Superfinal in Turkey this week:
Jack BROWN (95)
Josh COHN (595)
Nicholas GREECE (451)
Brad GUNNUSCIO (744)
Eric REED (717)
Nate SCALES (158)
Len SZAFARYN (164)

Good luck to all!

For the rest of us, this can be a great spectator event.  It is still not evident that the "live-tracking" will be used in this event, but every morning I hope to get some information out.  As always, the information is at the mercy of the web access available to the participants and the meet organization.

Below is a list (put out by Tom Payne with some additions by me) of potential information sources during the event.
There may also be info HERE

Official sites 
- Organiser's site 
- World Cup site 
- Pilot list 

in English: Jack BrownJohn Ellison : Neil Roberts 
in French: Charles Cazaux : Ain Team Parapente / Team ABAC : Yann Martail : Julien Wirtz : Maxime Bellemin : Jean-Michel Aro-Somohano 
in German: Swiss League : Helmut Eichholzer 
in Russian: Russian Team 

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