Saturday, June 6, 2009

WCPC Day 7 - Task 7

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Today was the 4th scored task. We have flown every day, but 3 tasks were canceled for weather. The weather today looked as good as any of the days this week, so it was "Game-On" and the boys were ready to do some hard charging.

The task was two triangles - The first, from Woodrat Pk to Rabies Pk to Burnt then back to Woodrat Pk. From there we flew to Rabies then to Cemetery to Donato. I got suited up and got in line. From then on, for the next 40 minutes, it was a fiasco. The winds were very light and I blew my first launch because I just couldn't drive hard enough with my broken ankle. I set-up for try #2 and this time the wing got swirled by a gust and landed on top of me. I pulled out of the queue and sorted my gear. I took my time because I didn't want to compound the error. I was the last pilot off the hill - 13 minutes before the start time. I found a nice core, right off of launch, and soon was in a nice spot for the start. As I pushed my speed-bar to get into position for the start, the right brummel-hook (quick reslease for the speed system) let loos and the speed line was buried in the bottom of my harness. This meant I would have to fly the course handicapped, without my speed bar.

From then on things HAD to get better, and they did. I took my time and found the good climbs when I needed them and flew good lines - using the convergence to my advantage as we flew the early laps. Eventually I found myself on top of Burnt Ridge, on the way to Cemetery, and Nicole and I were not finding the screamer that we wanted. We were high enough to get over the back, but not high enough to get to the cemetery waypoint without a climb. The clouds looked good and we went for it. It seemed like the thing to do - but it didn't work out. We both landed about a mile from Cemetery. There were at least a dozen in goal today. I placed 20th for the day.

Eric Reed won the day with all the usual suspects in goal. I got picked up by the van on its way to the goal to pick up the guys in goal. . .I call it the VAN-RIDE-OF-SHAME - You are in this van filled with happy guys who made goal, and you didn't. But I did lurk and learn ;-) Watch your backs boys - I'm learning.

It's been a fun competition and Mike and Gail did another great job of making the comp fun and exciting.

Open Cumulative Scores

1 Mattew Beechinor 2399
2 Josh Cohn 2284
3 Matt Dadam 2227
4 Eric Reed 2180
5 Nate Scales 2148
6 Hayden Glatte III 2067
7 Paul Murdoch 1899
8 Andy Macrae 1709
9 Peter Warren 1643
10 Brad Gunnuscio 1457
11 Brett Hardin 1365
12 Michal Hammel 1357
13 Cliff Curry 1299
14 Tim O'Neill 1293
15 Nicholas Greece 1245

Serial Class Cumulative Scores

1 Peter Warren 1643
2 Brett Hardin 1365
3 Tim O'Neill 1293
4 David Wheeler 1216
5 Tom Moock 1203
6 Melanie Pfister 1157
7 Sam Mulder 1058
8 Nicole Mclearn 1056
9 Steve Young 1016
10 Meredyth Malocsay 878

Women's Class Cumulative Scores

1 Melanie Pfister 772
2 Nicole Mclearn 677
3 Meredyth Malocsay 584
4 Veronica Dubak 401

Results are here.


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