Saturday, July 17, 2010

2010 Chelan PWC - Practice Day

Today was the practice day for the Chelan PWC.  Tomorrow is the first day and it looks like it will be stellar.

The conditions today were very nice for a lazy 60k out and return to Mansfield.  I launched and waited for the formation of a gaggle to cross with.  Eventually a group of R10's and Booms and various others joined to cross the gorge.  My new Avax XC3 did very well on the crossing and I had plenty of altitude to join the search for lift on the East side.
Once we made our first climb after the crossing it was an easy flight that even included unforecast Cumulus clouds at 11,000'.  The climbs were generally well-behaved with rates of climb over 1000'/min. at times.  The wind also cooperated to allow an easy return to the soccer field and ride to the check-in and orientation by Doug and the PWC folks.  My flight today is HERE.  The international flavor of this event is refreshing.  There are certainly some exotic looking wings and protos in this event so I expect to see a lot of exciting action -

My new Avax XC3 is really comfortable to fly and is already impressing me with the way it is hanging with much of the field.  There are many GTOs flying in this meet, as well as a couple Advance Omega 8s, so it will be a good measure of the XC3 . . .I just hope I get the most from my tools, by making good decisions and flying smart -

The weather looks great tomorrow so let's get it on!


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