Monday, July 2, 2007

Home, at last.


The awards Ceremony - (That's me at far right)

Dave & I got home this evening after a 10 hour drive. It's nice to be in my own bed.

The last two weeks were very rewarding. The Rat Race was a lot of fun with flying 8 days straight. The Nat's had too much wind, and the flying was very challenging. I had two days at the Nat's where I chose not to fly in the conditions at launch and was fortunate that both day's tasks were called off. I never put myself in a position I didn't want to be, no risky landings and no botched launches.

I learned a lot of lessons that I'm still digesting & pondering - In 14 days I flew 202 miles - Total flight time 24 hours. I made goal at the Rat Race 3 times in the comp & once to declared goal in practice. Landed out 5 times without incident. Relaunched '0' times. I ate 10 Power Bars, 5 Crunchy Energy Bars, and 30 pints of water on the hill. I only had to hike once - 2 miles. Won two trophies and scored 5 T-shirts. Met a LOT of cool people & successfully met my declared goal by having more fun than anybody else at the comps!