Sunday, December 28, 2008

Project time

The weather has been very nice here, lately, but the prevailing winds have been North to NE and that doesn't provide good flying weather.

I have been looking over my gear with an eye towards the next season of XC & competitions:

MY WING - Gradient Avax XC2:
Has about 95 hours on it now but is in very good shape. I'm so happy with the wing that I'm going to fly it for another season. The temptation to jump to a comp wing has raised it's ugly head a couple times lately but I'm going to stay with the Avax XC2 because it has great performance and good safety. Gradient has graciously provided me with a new lineset and I plan to put these lines on in March.

MY HARNESS - Airwave Ram Race Has about 125 hours on it and it is still doing its job. After flying at high altitudes in Chelan and the Owens Valley, last year, I am tempted to try a pod. I found the cold - at altitude - to be a slight detriment to my performance. I'm also ready for the slight decrease in aerodynamic drag that a pod can offer.
UPDATE: See the results HERE.

Because I'm very happy with the Airwave Ram-Race that I'm flying, and because it is very clean aerodynamically, I'm going to do a bit of experimenting with an "add-on" pod from UP. I'm hoping that this will satisfy my needs for a season before I jump to another harness. The price is reasonable and I will report on my progress when the pod arrives. Here is what it will look like, I hope. (click on pic for larger view)

MY GEAR Is still working well and I am very comfortable with its use, so I don't plan to upgrade from my Flytec 5020 and Garmin GPS 76S. I'll be carrying my SPOT again this year. The Reserve that I purchased last year (a GIN ONE-G reserve) is still in good shape.

Last year's flying was filled with great experiences and the guys and girls that are flying the comp scene are the best. I am still learning - still challenged - still motivated to do more, and do it better. So this year I'm going to fly as much as possible again.

Monday, December 1, 2008


It has been WAY too long since I was in the air. My wing hasn't left the pack in over 3 weeks! I have a new line-set for the Avax XC2 coming from Czechoslovakia and I know that as soon as it arrives I will have some good flying days.

Here's a bit of pilot-porn for you -

Streamlined 08 from Team Silver on Vimeo.