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This article is written for pilots who are considering entering their first cross country paragliding competitions.  It also has information for pilots who are working to improve their comp skills.   This article is being revised regularly to add information and illustration.

This pub is also viewable online as an eBook.

This is a compilation of short tips from some of the best XC paragliding pilots in the world - and some not.  These are tid-bits from a thread I started on the Paraglider Forum

Lessons I’ve learned in my first few competitions 
This article was originally a blog post that I refined a bit for inclusion in the pilot pamphlet for the very successful Rat Race paragliding competition.

Nice Harness! What’s In It Besides Your Butt? or, Survival for the Adventurous Pilot 
This article was originally published in the USHPA publication and outlines the strategies and equipment to employ when challenged with a long retrieve or overnight in the woods.

Unofficial Competino Cheat Sheet
Written for pilots who are struggling to learn the set-up and use of this great flight instrument.