Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Preparing for the Rat Race & U.S. Nats

Today I got back from Shanghai & I have tonight & tomorrow to get all my gear ready for the next two weeks of competitions. I've made a comprehensive list to pack with & feel my kit is organized & ready to go. Dave & I will drive up to Jacksonville on Friday & have Sat. to fly & get situated before the comp begins on Sunday.

My head is in a good place - I'm looking forward to two solid weeks of good flying. Over the last couple of months I've done less flying than I'd hoped to, but I've learned from my mistakes & had some good results. The Aspen 2 has lived up to my expectations and has the performance to allow me to score well if I fly well. The main shift in flying style is the need for me to be patient at strategic moments along the course. Whereas I was always a couple thermals or more (much more ;-) behind the main gaggle in previous years, on my Sport 2; Now I'm keeping up & need to fly with my fellow pilots - using them & helping them while we work along the course.

My goal is to complete all the tasks by keeping with the main gaggle. I will really try to make good starts & use good judgment along the course.

Dave is flying his Zoom Race & we will try to make the team flying work this year. Larry N. is coming up from Springville & Jack G. is bringing his motor home up & flying the RR too.

It will be good to see the friends I made last year & fly with them again.

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