Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rat Race Day 5 - Task Cancelled today

Today the winds were forecast to be a blowin' but a 37 mile task was set. Noone was getting up in the valley or over launch so Dave & I decided to delay our launch until much later. When we launched, the task had already started. The top pilots were desperately trying to push away from the start fix since it was a 4km Entry start. None were able to get in a position to even start the task.

Meanwhile, the LZ was reporting some exciting arrivals by the skunked pilots as they arrived. The task was called off at 2:25 & all were relieved - Good Call Mike.

Dave & I will get some laundry done for next week.

Late addition: We attended an informational presentation tonight by Mike Steed to familiarize ourselves with the Lakeview area for next week's US Paragliding Nationals.

Dave & I have been hearing about the "HUGE AIR" in the area & inhospitable conditions all week. It looks like my survival equipment & hiking skills may become important...

In reflection on the last 5 days, I feel very happy with the way I've flown. I've been to goal 3 times (including my solo trip to Donato on Sat.) and have made some good decisions with regard to safety. There have been a number of dramatic accounts, 3 reserve tosses, and one injured pilot hospitalized - all related to "racing" when flying should be the rule of the day. I can say I've not flown anywhere or made decisions I wouldn't have made while flying my home site for fun. Above all I know that the only rule I need to live by is that I need to come home safely. On my flight deck I have the word 'SAFE' written. I must look at it 20 times on a three hour flight.


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