Thursday, June 28, 2007

U.S. Nats Day 5 - Lakeview blows some more

No flying today & probably not tomorrow either. . .The wind sure does blow in this area. Dave & I went to the pilot meeting at 8:45, gathered our morning smoothies (Thanks Gail) & listened to the 10 pilots who made goal yesterday tell their tales. The scorers presented a nice flight analysis which showed the relative position & speeds of each of the top 3 finishers. We all applauded the accomplishment of these ten guys who completed the longest task in US paragliding comp history, 145 kilometers.

Yesterday I placed 26th for the day. For the day, I was 4th in the masters class & 2nd in the serial class. I'm now sitting 27th overall & very happy. My flying is improving and I believe that I'm thinking more about attacking the tasks rather than following gaggles. I still want to complete a task here, so it looks like Saturday will be the day for that.

Dave & I went to the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce to ask about hikes & were treated to a great tour & food orientation of the area. I've never seen folks so happy to have a bunch of paraglider pilots in their town. We have been constantly told, by shop keepers & locals, how much they enjoy looking up & seeing us launch. This launch is different than most - it's 700' directly above town. Every launch can be seen by EVERYBODY in the small town.

We decided to go hiking in the Gearheart Wilderness area. It's about a 35 min. drive West of town. We picked up some lunch & headed out. We hiked 9 miles total & climbed 1700' in about 3 hours. The scenery was great with pinnacles & palisades amongst thick forest trails. While hiking we ran into Hawaii Ray, Cliff, Frankie, and Tim K. They hiked back with us & shared a beer in the parking lot.

I'm not sure what's on the docket for tomorrow but the wind is forcast to blow & I'll be ready to fly if it doesn't.

Results for the various classes & overall can be found HERE.


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