Saturday, June 30, 2007

U.S. Nats Day 7 - We gave it a go . . .

We gave it a go today - Strong & crossed winds at launch and weak lift. The task called was a 100k downwind run.

I didn't like conditions at launch. The wind was crossed & gusting to at least 15 at times. The lulls were allowing launches so I decided to stay on the ground & see what kind of drift the guys were dealing with. My strategy was to launch after the start window opened & simply exit the start cylinder while making my first climb - that is, IF the conditions at launch improved. The conditions when the start opened were gusty & strong so I held back. About 10 minutes before the launch window closed the wind lulled considerably & I got my helmet on & was heading to launch when I was told the task was canceled. This was a good call since the lead gaggles were drifting a lot & only getting ratty climbs to about 1000' over launch. I saw two pretty impressive collapses in front of launch that illustrated the tough conditions in the lift. . .I was glad to stay on the hill.

The cumulative results are at

Top three are:

Frank Brown
Dean Stratton
Kyndel Banister

3 tasks in 7 days.

I'm finishing up in 27th place overall. 3rd place in both Serial Class & Masters Class. Dave is in 47th place.

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Alex said...

Tim, I've really enjoyed reading your posts. I posted a link to your blog here: along with links to blogs by Brett and Greg. I hope you don't mind! It was nice flying with you - I hope to see you at a comp next year if not before. - Alex