Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Flying at Laguna Lake

I spent the day in San Luis Obispo, getting "suspicious" things zapped by a MD., lopping off many of my hairs at Supercuts, eating at my favorite Mediteranean deli - Jaffa, & doing the weekly shopping for the Coffee house. After doing a tour of the big city, at about 2pm, I decided to hike out to the hill, if only to get a sweat going. I pulled the wing out of the truck & started hiking out wondering if it was a good idea, since I hadn't flown out there in a year & nobody else was there. I was worried about my well-documented lack of groundhandling skills & unsheathed upper cascades etc. . .but the wind looked perfect.
I laid out at the bottom of the hill & made a "If you don't hear from me in an hour, I'm laying on the ground by Laguna Lake" call. The wing came up & (amazingly) never touched the ground again until I landed an hour later. The walk-up was calm & easy & when I turned & flew, it was right into a nice little thermal with a friendly red-tailed hawk. The lift was smooth in most places with nice bumps of thermic air moving up the slope. It was easy to work the full length of the ridge & get high. The wind gradually shifted until it was parallel with the wires & gradually died down just about the time that I was thinking of landing anyway.
A nice, compleate day ;-)

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