Saturday, August 25, 2007

Makin' Circles

Usually, when a "WUFFO" approaches me in the LZ, one of the questions comes out something like,"So, waddayado, keep circling until you go up?"

Today, was that kind of day. When Dave & Pat & I got to launch at Cuesta the wind seemed a bit fresh for a PG flight. Patric was game though & it wasn't gusty so he hucked off & flew at launch alt. +/- 100' for 15 minutes. I decided I was in & got plucked right off launch & found some good lift to Launch + 300'. We toured the area & found that there was an area of lift that must have been a convergence line. We were able to climb to 2600' (400 over) while flying straight. I was able to get to 2800' later in a rogue thermal that had been able to bust through the inversion. Dave was last to try a launch & had no assistance on the hill. He worked it for a good 25 min. until deciding it was too windy for him that day. Patrick top-landed on a finger & I flew out to the LZ to get Dave's car. Flight time: 1:15 with lotsa fun.

Later Patrick & I hiked Cayucos & had short flights in weak choppy lift. A good day.

Thanks to Tom W. for the photo of Dave & me above.

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