Saturday, November 15, 2008

Project complete!

Ok, this ain't paragliding. . .I had planned to fly the SoCalXC event this weekend in Santa Barbara. I was looking forward to meeting up with the SoCal boys and Nick from Hong Kong, who had flown his Cathay 777 trip to LAX and had enough time to fly. Unfortunately the Santa Ana winds are blowing. We wouldn't be flying anyway, since the tragic "Tea Fire" is burning out of control in Montecito.

So, I finished up the Gate Project(s) . . .

To Recap: I had a gate that looked like this:

So I built a gate, to replace it, that looked like this:

But my Wife decided the new gate was too nice to hide on that side of the house so I installed it on the other side of the house - by the garage and nearer the street with good exposure.

Here's a shot with the gate open looking down the side of the house.

Which left me needing another gate for the hidden side of the house. I'd already taken many days to put the finish on the fancy gate so I built what I call a "one-day gate." I spent an hour or so digging a post hole, another 30 minutes tying the post to the house for stability (my preferred method since the gates hang true forever) and 90 minutes to built the gate, hang it, and install all the hardware.

This is the view from the back.

Damn, I hope we get to fly soon!


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