Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flying Bookshelf - Flying Rags to Glory

Mads Syndergaard is an experienced, and quite accomplished XC competition pilot.  He also doesn't mind passing his voluminous store of information to those with XC dreams.

I received my copy of Flying Rags for Glory. . .  last month and found it to be well written and comprehensively informative. The book is written primarily for paraglider pilots contemplating entry into the comp scene. You'll find that this book contains much of the same kind of information, directed at new pilots, as my article "Flying in Paraglider Competitions" but this book also has considerable information that is of value to advanced pilots with goals of flying the best equipment and flying to their max potential.

One of Mads' strengths as a pilot, and as an author, is his interest in the psychology of winning.  He emphasizes and reinforces, with examples, that those who assume they will win, have an edge that is tangible. He also references studies of the sub-conscious and its role in high level activities.  I found this section of the book to be very interesting and informative.

Mads has been flying for most of the years that our young sport has been evolving. He does an excellent job of relating his experiences competing on wings of dubious flying characteristics and modest performance. Many photos are used to illustrate the wings and characters of the early years.

I found this book to be a good read and a valuable addition to my bookshelf. If you'd like to read some excerpts, here are a few:

Excerpt#1 from Flying Rags For Glory - Your First Task Briefing

Excerpt#2 from Flying Rags For Glory - Flattening the Sinus Wave

Excerpt#3 from Flying Rags For Glory - Non Conscious Learning

Flying Rags for Glory is available exclusively in the XCSHOP. If you decide to purchase this book, please click the graphic at left or this text to visit the website. I will get credit for the referral. This is the only revenue generation I use on this site.

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