Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cayucos Today 03/14/09

Today was a fun day at Cayucos. The hill is a 700' high walk-up that works with a West wind. The forecast was for high winds in the afternoon so we all hit the hill early. Once the wind freshened we all launched into buoyant lift. I was getting the kinks out of my new pod set-up and top-landed to do some adjustments.

The wind came up subtly and soon the sea showed some whitecaps. I headed for the beach a bit later than I should have and landed just as the wind approached the limit for a safe landing.

Here's some video of the flight.

A day at Cayucos from Tim O'Neill on Vimeo


Colin Hawke said...

Great demonstration/explanation of what to do in a high wind landing. Nice blog - added to my blog list.

Tim said...

Thanks Colin -
I appreciate the note - Seeya on the hill sometime.