Saturday, March 28, 2009

PodMod Pt. 3

Not a lot of info to add at this point, but I thought I'd report on the outcome after making the final mods to the pod.

The floor (made out of a flexible plastic cutting board) really cuts down the friction between my heel and the pod. This makes activating my speed-bar much more manageable and controllable - allowing 'throttling' of the bar to control the wing. The bungy, tied to the loop of webbing I attached to the nose-piece, keeps the 3-step UP speed-bar laying nicely in the pod.

I have also moved the lower skirt of the pod towards the back of my harness 2.5" - using the velcro already installed on the harness bottom. I then added velcro to the outside of the skirt to hold the forward-bottom edge of the tailpiece (with the ram-air intakes) in its original placement. This process changed the angle of the pod and cleaned up the profile of the bottom of the pod/harness connection.

I've now flown the installation for a few flights and am very pleased with the outcome.


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