Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cuesta Today - Mar. 08, '09

The prediction for today looked good for a flight at Cuesta - Probably not a day to go XC, but flyable. It was a bit dicey looking since the windtalker indicated an Easterly flow on the ridge. On the drive down I took this picture of the convergence clouds mid-valley over the Men's Colony near Hwy 1.

I got to the top around 12:20 and met Dave and Eric and Sharon. There were substantial puffs from over the back, indicating that the convergence was still out in front of launch. This was backed up by the clouds. I still was optimistic that the puffs would turn and soon cycles would be rolling up launch. After a half hour or so, Eric & Sharon decided to head down the hill for more interesting activities.

Dave & I hung out looking for encouraging signs. Soon the thermal birds reappeared. Then we saw a big bird work up from low altitude and head NW along the convergence line without flapping or loosing altitude. When the puffs started coming up the launch from the West I suited up and took off into great lift that took me right to 3000'. Dave launched soon after I did and we explored the area mapping the convergence by climbing, then reaching out until 1000'/min. sink forced us back to the lifty area. Our reach wasn't that far before being hammered by massive sink so this was a local flight. Eventually the convergence moved to a position behind launch and we flew in relatively trashy air until we landed down the ridge, by the 'X'.

A fun day & worth waiting for.


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