Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 PWC Superfinal Task 2

The cumulative results are HERE.  Nick Greece (USA) is leading the Superfinal after two tasks.  Eric Reed is the next US pilot at 23rd.  Len and Nate are in the top-60 but the rest of the US pilots have had one bad day.  Their standings will improve when enough tasks are flown to allow a discard, so noone is out of the running at this time.  Nick's lead is small but impressive considering the stature of the field.  NICE FLYING!

Here's a bit of video, shot by  Phillipe Broers.  You get a good feel for the type of flying a PWC task requires.  Today's task was 63K with an average speed of 41.3 kph! That's fast.

Superfinal Turkey taks 1 from broers philippe on Vimeo.

Tomorrow's weather looks good for another task, but later in the week they can expect some wind.

Go Team America F*#K Yeah!


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