Sunday, September 26, 2010

BAPA Comp - Owens Valley - Sept. 2010 Day 2

Another fun task in the Owens.  We had around 40 pilots fly today.  Conditions were essentially identical to yesterday, although climbs were higher in the afternoon.

The task was from Paiute Launch to Qendix -29k north, back South to Jeffry 18k, then North to goal at Benton.  Total task distance was 73Km (45 miles).

I was low for the start but headed out anyway, which was a slow beginning to my flight.  Eventually I got in the groove and made good time to the North in spite of some weak climbs and low tops of lift.  After the turnpoint at Jeffry I had two fantastic climbs to 12,500' and 13,000' that made it possible to cover the last 17 miles in less than an hour.

Results will be HERE (when published)
My flight is HERE

I was off the pace a bit and placed 5th or 6th today, but had a fun, great flight.  The views of the bristle-cone pines, high on the White Mtns. and peeks East into the next valley were fantastic.  There were over 25 pilots in goal today - many for the first time.  Many pilots had their highest, and longest flights of their lives today.
Here is a photo of some happy pilots in goal.
Happy Pilots in goal at Benton.

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