Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sun Valley Nats Day4 Task 1 - NICE!

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We finally got some flying weather today.  Top of lift was only 10,500 feet before the start and the gaggles were tight.  The winds aloft were light and, unlike previous days, the sky was dry with no clouds.

The task committee built a simple task of 47 miles.  We were to head North to land at Stanley Airport.  The first stop was the butte mid valley.  A great thermal trigger, covered in rock, it didn't disappoint as the gaggles headed from the East side to the West.  Once established mid-valley, we headed into the high ground which was both stunning visually and rewarding to fly.

Lift was punchy at times, but climbs were reaching 12,500' and higher.  My group stayed together much of the day and most made goal in around 3:25 elapsed time.  The task winners finished at around 3:00.

Meanwhile many of the pilots were flying along the East side of the valley and eventually picked up the pace to pass our group.

Happy van ride back from goal
There were many happy pilots in goal today.  I'd estimate (since results aren't up yet) over 40 in goal.
Unofficially, the first 3 were Nick Greece, Nate Scales, and Eric Reed.

Tomorrow looks good for another great day of flying.


My flight is HERE which placed me 13th and first in the serial and sport class since I'm flying my XC2.

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