Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sun Valley Nats Day 6 - It's over. . .

We met at 10AM for a pilot meeting today.  The cold front is coming and bringing with it, too much wind to safely task Saturday or Sunday.   The awards dinner will be held tonight at HQ at 6PM.

Yesterday was a great task and the winners of the day were Eric Reed and Brad Gunnuscio, who both  received 1000 points with Jan Voegeli, Dean Stratton, and Nick Greece into goal.  There were 18 in goal total.

Winner of the Sun Valley meet is Eric Reed.  After two competitions the U.S. National Champion is Jack Brown.  Congratulations to Jack!

It was great to see everybody and fly over this amazing terrain.  Ketchum is a great place to spend time engaging in outdoor activities, when conditions don't allow flying.

The competition was very well organized and run with enthusiasm and a good respect for safety.  My hat goes off to David Glover and Mike Pfau for putting on a great show.  Thanks and I hope to fly with you again soon.

Fly Safe,


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