Sunday, June 8, 2008

News from Woodrat - WCPC

Well it's 8:30am & today is looking good for a long day of flying. Yesterday I had a nice 2 hour valley tour with climbs to 6000'. Many of us were surprised by the low (4500') freezing level & had chilly fingers. This area can be very technical with variable valley winds and many convergence areas during a long flight.

This comp is only subscribed to 45 pilots or so, but it has attracted most of the top pilots in the US. My goals this week are to make good starts, minimize the "alone" flying so I don't get in a hole by myself, and to make goal consistently. The tasks will be long and tough.

Gail & Mike Haley have put together another great event & the weather for the week is looking most excellent so it should be fun!

More soon.


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