Saturday, June 14, 2008

WCPC Day 7 - Task #6

The final day of the WCPC is over and, in my opinion, today was some of the sweetest flying of the week. Lift was abundant and convergence lines made for some extremely fast transitions. Jug & I had a fun day, trading leads (with respect to each other) and helping each other stay in the game.

The task was a 66k task with many valley crossings before the long leg down to Boaz Pk. and then Purcell.

The task was won by Greg Babush with Jack Brown in second and Marty Devietti in third. Marty had the distinction of crossing the goal cylinder under reserve. He said that as he came to rest hanging from the tree, he heard the Flytec "song" indicating he had crossed the goal. Fortunately he was completely unscathed in the incident.

This comp has been an extremely enjoyable one for me. The guys & gals that compete in the US are a small group & we depend on each other for guidance and council. I have had and given both & really enjoy the interaction.

Scores are HERE.

Thanks Mike & Gail, for another great week!

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