Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WCPC - Day 3 - Task 2

The weather forecast was for 20k winds from the NW & N at altitude but a short task was called that would have all competitors down before 3:30pm.

We had 20 kids from the local school on launch & fielded many great questions from them. The task was a quick tour of the Ruch Valley from launch to Rabies Peak to Squires Peak to Burnt & out East to Cemetery then down to Donato. I'm sure the kids had a great view from launch of the first 20 minutes of the task.

This was a very fun task. It was very cold at altitude with fast (sometimes rough) climbs to cloudbase. The wind never became a problem so some great racing was had. A few of the top guys dirted prior to goal but there were at least 20 in goal with a good scattering along the last half of the 31k task.

I had another good start & made generally good decisions. I misjudged my approach to one of the turnpoints but generally am very happy with the flight. It was a lot of fun to race with Jug.

Scores are HERE


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